Why & Let's ..... By Dalia Basma

I think I am writing today .My fingers are urging me to type the words which cross my heart .Is it true that pain makes us humans? Is it true that the agony makes us leaders? Is it true that we must pass through infinite tests and based on them people sort us as successful or not.
Who are we? Why we're here and what should we do? Is thinking of those questions is really critical? Is trying to find an answer is indispensable?
Is being accepted in a society or dejected should be a major priority of our concern?
What is true and what is untrue my friends?
Have we ever realized that our society overloads us with a lot of burdens, and invaluable duties?
Who are the one's that we are dedicating a major concern to?
Why our god today is Money and power?
Why our bodies are dedicated primarily to fulfill materialistic goals only .We use our bodies to have money and have a good sexual presentation in front a wide variety of people who are in my opinion bastards . Yes, they are.
You know why materialistic people are bad and empty, because they use us for only a certain period. When they are done, they get a better substitute .You can never trust them .Both them and time are never to be trusted.
Where are we going my friends?
We were created for a certain purpose and our major purpose is to fulfill god's goal on earth .God wants us to be fair ,loving and caring .He wants us to spread love and peace .He wants us to help share each other's goals and pains and try to find out the wanted solution for each others problems .
Instead of taking advantage of time and run out to help each others, we dedicate a priority for the daily gossip .A special time is dedicated to degrade people and to make fun of their pains .We wait to see them down, and when they are down we run to help them .We never help the needy, but we make huge festivals for the rich .As I told you my friends our God today is Money

Wake up my friends
A lot of people need our help .Many orphans would wish to have families. Many people would love some attention .A smile could change a person's life
Stop being greedy .Stop being selfish .let us be true humans. At least let us try. I am sure things will get better
Let us start with our country Sour. Let's change the despair into hope and love.
Let's plant trees next to each building .Let's visit the orphanages .Let's spend some time with a beloved patient .Let's keep family Bonds .Let's respect each others .Let's advice each others .Let's heal each others pains .Let's cooperate with one another.
I am sure we can make a difference

I have a big hope in you all.

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  1. جعفرقرعوني (من: كندا)

  2. I am impressed by your thoughts. I think you are raising here three issues, and all of them are good. The domination of materialism, the girls exploitation and the lack of charity toward those in need. The domination of materialism has always been present in our society; however, it is getting much worse today with the huge gap between rich and poor that we see today. This is because of the huge dirty money in the hands of many. Dirty money is used for dirty activities indeed. Allah (SW) said that if he gets made on a place he orders the corrupted rich to believe, instead they spread corruption, and then they deserve the punishment. This one, Allah ill solve his own way. The girls exploitation is mainly caused by many parents being unable to see the good value of educating their children, and unfortunately, they prefer to see them married and as soon as possible and preferably to the rich man who as you say, will throw them away after use. We have also to blame the materialistic difficulties. The lack of charity, is because of two reasons: The charitable people with legitimate (Halal) money are unable to provide enough to the poor because the unbelievers who control our life have raised the cost of living so high. The other reason is that it is normal that the (Haram) illegitimate money is not expected to be used for charity. What is our life objective? To please our creator Allah SW and to use our capabilities in producing useful work for us and for others.

  3. Dalia Basma (من: tyr )

  4. Thank u jaafa r so much for cooperating with me ,i have nothing to offer so i am offering my worf and my ideas and my thoughts because i cant live my life slave to nothing ,i have to dedicate a message and also i am open to criticism as this what will make me always improve and as u said education is something very important especially to girls and in such a kind of very materialistic society .thanx again

  5. Mohammed Halawi (من: Beirut)

  6. Nice work dalia, Im really impressed but what you write in it is almost impossible, people will never change , thats the way life is, only those who are willing 2 listen to your advice are gonna change but at the moment, your hopes are very far from becoming a reality. And to everyone who reads this, dalia is my cousin and she's such a lovely woman, and we all adore her.

  7. MJ SAAB (من: lebanon)

  8. You are Remarquable woman! it's hard 2 find som1 lyk You ! in These Days :) hope Your ! You Cause is A gr8 cause keep On! You Rock xD

  9. Nada Alaeddine (من: lebanon..)

  10. to2brine ya sis... shu bmout 3alayke.. w shu enne befte5ir fike.. men kel albe.. to2brine.. smallla.. shuu bta3refe t3abre bel tari2a l sa7.. boshkor alla eno 3atene hek sis..!:D t7ebne w tou2af 7ade wel aham zakiye w 2efte5r fiya.. i luv u more than everything.. hyt.. (K) 5alike hek.. gd luck bi kel shi bta3meli(K)


  12. will answer your question : Why our god today is Money and power because without money and power you will dissapear and no one will ask where's the hell you are lol t.c

  13. Nabil Hammoud (من: sour)

  14. dalia what you have shown to us between your letters is nothing but a true statement of today's life and i like the way you drew the picture. it was great and it reflects most of us and i strongly agree with you that it always needs a try instead of being stuck gazing on what we wish and grooved to face our destiny

  15. Nadine. (من: lebanon)

  16. Remarkable dalia as always u have been & always will be very honest and direct article most people knows this but they hate to face the truth still it takes a person with courage to say it out loud and that is you Bravo keep on the good work.and for the confident creative talented person that you are.with a unconditional purpuse to offer love and attention for others if we had more indivuduals like you the world would become a better place.god bless

  17. ahmad khashab (من: leb)

  18. dalia this is ur message since a very long time ,i salut ur potential u r tolerant for what u stand for ,

  19. Dalia basma (من: tyr )

  20. Thanks for everybody's encouragement ,u give me the potential to write more and more but i would love to answer the REAL LEBANESE from usa .Dont you think that there are great people on this world that have accomplished so much and they never cared about the post annd the too much money .honey most of the people that have done a change to this world have had an inner treasure that is patience ,hard work and a mission thats what u basically need to think about and work on .regards

  21. Rozeen Kassab (من: lebanon)

  22. Dalia ur words are simply sound and true...i adored ur article....it feels like finally someone is out there..to show people a better road to take...and honestly...what mostly am impressed about is that how sweet and smart you are....because we can rarely find girls like u these days....i am soo proud that a girl like u is from sour.....w nshalla people listen to ur advice. keep up the good work girl...and waitin for you to post new article:):)....

  23. Dalia basma (من: tyr )

  24. Roza my sister thanks a lot ,and thanks for nadine habibet albe and thanks for the sweetness of all of u ,but roza what i am doing is only a duty to the people of my adorable city sour .i love sour i want to live on this land and to die on this land and thanks to website sour that giving all of us the chance to deliver a message and to communicate with tyr people around the world .... as i have said all what i wrote and what amm gona write is only due to my love to all of u and due to my belief that tyr people r and can be very important and i promise i will always write with courage and pride and have nothin to scare me as if i would rather be honest or straight or not to live ma life ..lots of love to all of u ....

  25. Huda (من: Tyr)

  26. Hi Dalia it is good to write & express your feelings & thougts & dreams so congratulation Guys I also thought about charities specially for old people& I faced lot of problems from religious people not because of money my dream was to open a charity home for the old & it was forbiden that no child will take care of their parents so it has nothing to do with money stop attacking rich people there are always good & bad people in rich or poor comunities concerning girls education that is true parents should educate their children to be aware of mennnnnn poor or rich they all have feelings . yesterday I met a lady26 years old begging I asked her to work she said she does not like to work & she did not give fake excuse so u blame the rich for that I think by giving her a gift u r helping her to be lazy & get use to always begI prfer to help someone who works cause he is trying.when ever someone has a problem they say it is because of rich people we Lebanese people like high life without any effort or like to be bosses & & spend all the money in pocket & say why he is rich & me not wake up guys lebanese are being attacked all over the world by USA Europe etc cause we proved our self abroad & worked hard & competed other nationalites we are born as traders Finally we should help each other & not attack & do not blame others for ur situation believe in ur destiny & in yourself Ramadan Kareem

  27. The Leader (من: Tyr)

  28. Mar7aba Dalia. Awal shi ana kteer sa3eed eni sheftek marra tenye mn ba3d shi 20 sini, betzakar kenna sawa bi dawra sayfiyi bi montazah el 3amriyi, kente ente w ekhtek atfal, kent ana e7melkon la totla3o 3al bus.... Anyhow, I think li katabtih b3id shway 3an l we2e3, w ana akid inno hayda tefkir salim w 3awatef sad2a, bas ma lezem nbelegh bel methaliyi aktar mn el maleyki 7asab mo2arabtek lal mawdoo3, wala fina nkoon mediyin ba7t metl el shyateen metel ma tara7 el Real Lebanese. fi majmoo3a mn el ne2at yalli btest7e2 el ni2ash, w ana akid iza kel wa7ad ma t3assab la ra2yo, w 7awal yjarred nafso mn 3awatfo el shakhsiyi (tab3an hon bo2sod ino iza fi tajrebi ma bi 7ayeto, y7awel yotla3 mn ta2seera 3leh), akid fina noosal la ni2at moshtaraki kteer kbiri w 3a asesa momken nshakkel fari2 m3ayan, w na3mel tawzee3 lal maham, w men3alej kel el mashekel aw el hmoom el matroo7a. Ma badna nensa inno Allah 2al bel Quran " Al malo wal banoon zinat el 7ayat el donia...", w kamen 2al "Inna amwalokom wa awladakom fitna..." fa ana bi ra2yi 7ekmet el shakhes kif yestaghel el ni3am yalli Alla a3tah yeha. iza istaghalla bi taree2 el ghalat el natiji 7atkoon ma2sat w nadam wa inna llaha shadeedo l 3ikab, w iza istaghalla bel shi el sa7, el natiji positve wallaho ghafooron ra7eem,,, Regards, Amer

  29. khabet laze2 (من: sour)

  30. words words words, heard them from a fifth grader, and they don't match with the celebrity photo shoot!!!

  31. Dalia Basma (من: tyr)

  32. I agree with huda in many points but i have to explain one point of view ,here i am not attacking rich people i am attacking materialistic people and ther is a gr8 difference between materialisn and richnesss ,sometime times u can find materialsitic people in both poor and rich societies ...and vice versa .regarding to the leader ,i dont know who u are and i am a person open to critim and negotiation so if ther is a team that in such a way we can all work and respect each others points of view i have no problem with that again thanx alll

  33. Spectator (من: USA)

  34. Dear Ms. Basma & all of the Yasour team, I want to start by pointing out that your essay is a very nice attempt to reflect your inner feelings and thoughts. However, I would also like to point out that it needs lots of proof reading. This means that it is full of grammatical mistakes. I would be more that glad and happy if you allow me to do some corrections and maybe repost afterwards. Thank you and nice try.

  35. The Leader (من: Saudi Arabia)

  36. Hi Dalia. Sure, you don't know who I am, but I have good memory "7amdella", and I remember you very well although I met you around 18 years ago. I am coming to Lebanon on Saturday (Sep 19), and will be honored to see you again and to discuss the possibility of starting some practical steps, and not to stop off discussing theories. Here is my personal email: amer_leb@hotmail.com. Waiting your contact information to enable me reaching you when I arrive in Lebanon. Thanks for your positive reply, and we remain,,, Regards

  37. Dalia basma (من: tyr )

  38. First ,i am not an english teacher ,second i am only a person who is trying to deliver a message ..Third i appreciate everybody's opinion .fourth the all essAy took me only 7 minutes to write .Fifth ,i am gona have an english teacher helping me with all the grammatical mistakes and else ,more over i only wanted to discuss a topic and am not here writing a poem ,i appreciate the english teacher who is helping (in grammar and dictation )but regarding else i expected them to share a major problem we r facin in our society and not (grammatical and dictation mistakes )any ways thanx for every body .)

  39. Dalia basma (من: TYR)


  41. Hussein UK (من: UK)

  42. Am really impressed by the way you express yourself and your thoughts , writing it's not about grammer or more meaningfull words as the more things come gradually and can better and better till we can be perfect. you are really doing well.. I don't blame who can't read a book but who can read but never read a book.. you don't need to be english literature teacher.. keep writing and best wishes

  43. The Leader (من: Saudi Arabia)

  44. Hey hey hey everybody!!!! The language is just a mean for communication between people. It is not crime if we are not professional in English language, and most of you are failure in Frensh , is that a weakness point of you??? The most important thing is the topic, and hence all of you understood it, either you react positively and give something valuable or tooooot,,,,. Dalia: you shouldn't slap in their trap, and simply ignore them,,,, They are kids,,,,, Regards,

  45. A.S (من: RDC)

  46. Come on guys give the Girl a rest,she is just communicating and sharing her ideas,and its a great and positive assay from her,in order to wake up and share our noble feelings with all the people around us, :) Regards

  47. Rima (من: Housh)

  48. Dadooooo, u r an amazing lady, keep it on banooot w good luck in evrythng..u deserve the best .. waiting for the new article....

  49. Nabil Hammoud (من: Sour)

  50. Att: English Literature Teacher khabet laze2 Spectator Dear All, I appreciate the time you took to read what Dalia did write, but don't you think that you have gotten Dalia's message in a way you intended to be before thinking about the core of the words?? Even great poets and witters would have some mistakes once in a while, but you all intended to be destructive instead of being constructive. if i were you, i would have elaborated more on the core of the passage. Being an English Teacher, a spectator, and a "khabet laze2," would help the community in a way, you can provide them with writtings you would write without mistakes instead of criticizing others and you are hidden behind unknown nicknames. Again, if i were you, i would criticize by writing better,and not shadowing all my thoughts on the writer's picture " may be it was all what you have seen" Dalia, keep it up, we trust your words and it is not a shame to have mistakes, the shame is being unable to express thank you for your thoughts and feelings which you have stated between the lines, and best of the luck

  51. English Literature Teacher (من: Leb)

  52. Dalia, if you think you know who I am, then think again. I feel that I’ve offended you with my first comment. Don’t get me wrong! I was only trying to help! I have faith that if you take some grammar lessons, your writing will improve. By the way, I’m not an English Literature Teacher, it’s just a nick name, nor am I man “hacking” you coz I have no intention or desire in having anything to do with you. It’s important for someone who’s posting articles for people to read to accept criticism as well as compliments. Grow up! P.S. I’m a female :D

  53. Dalia basma (من: tyr)

  54. A special thanks to all who answered (english literature )spectators ,and Sandy .I have a message to all .No body is perfect ,and i am a learner andonshala i will study as much as i can to improve myself in arabic ,english and everything ,and i promise uto take as much as i can grammar lessons ,and what matters to me more than anything else ,is my country tyr and the children of tyr that aree all to be considered my brothers and sisters I am proud that i am from tyr and i dont mind any body's help in ma language but infact i appreciate ..But because somepeople are destructive as they have nothing to offer they deliver ther messages in a very ugly way .Ana beshkerkun kteeer ,because men warakun ana ra7 seeer a7san .i will end up enu who ever wants to edit my articles from now on and can help ,please contact me thru ma personal email addresss and thank u soo much

  55. Diouf (من: Angola)

  56. We Should To Know How To Use The Power Of Our Mind To Get What we Want ,,,& Dont Forget We Earn Our Place In The Next World By The Way We Have Lived In This World ..

  57. جعفرقرعوني (من: كندا)

  58. Dalia, I did notice the picture that is worth 1000 words :). I see posting it with your article as a good sign of confidence. I did notice mistakes here and there. However, my main focus is on your message and where you came from (what you are trying to say). This is why you had my first reply. My reply now after all what I have seen is that I am also sad , and it is my opinion, that indeed, some commentators pick on the wrong side and also fail to see the good before criticizing the bad. We all make mistakes, we all need help. It remains that a good writing is important for correct communication, if we do not want to be misunderstood. I do not go as far as the teacher but I highly suggest that you read newspapers in the language you want to improve. It has been proven to be Number 1 help to get up to speed very fast. For now keep posting, your language is good enough, compared to those who I respect 100% but still they bother me with the transliteration. Good work, continue

  59. Dalia basma (من: tyr)

  60. Dear jaafar ,i agree with u hundred percent but believe me again that the article took me not more than ten minutes ,believe me i didnot even check the grammatical mistakes ,nshala next time i wil make sure not to have grammar mistakes or dictation .this is an evidence that all what i did is to deliver a message nor more and no less .if i wanted to appear in the best image i would hav e had somebody write me theessay and didnot put myself in a position to hear some words that are not for me even ,but this life is about challenge and i am accepting it ..by the way i write way better in arabic and i have wrote al manseya too like one month ago .i have no clue if u read it or not .now i will be posting some more articles in both arabic and english and as said reading articles i =s very important to become better in all languages ,any ways i appreciate ur time and ur interest and ur care and i will listen to ur advice as it come from a good heart person that wants to see ntyr people the best people ever ...i hope u follow me up with my coming articles as i need ur comments and ur suggestions ,thank u sooo much jaaafar ,and diouf i agreee with u ,hope ur doing good ...,,

  61. Didi (من: Canada)

  62. Hi Dalia I felt the strength in your personality, and I'm proud of you. Now ,what I recommend to you is to write and act at the same level.Think of a plan, how to lead your followers and your beloved, keep records of your connections, open a bank account and start acting. You can do it, I see that you touched many people and through yasour.org, and with their permission, you can start fulfiling your goals and guide\lead a group.It's easy believe me, you need to organzie your time only.... give your group a name and start thinking of ideas to help the poor people in sour, maybe the ones who doesn't ask for help and are hidden somewhere... Do the homework and search for them, then ACT to help them...That group can also plant trees, educate people about the environment and teach them how to recycle... Acting and creating a movement in your society will definitely send a message to those materialistic people...and why don't you ask for their donations.... and with time, with your messages and persistency, they might change... or might wake up ...who knows...but you need to start moving,in addition, to writing. I'm in to be part of your group if you decide to act, and I'm in to help in anyway I could.. May God Bless You & Happy Eid to All

  63. Dalia basma (من: tyr)

  64. Didi yemken haide aktar comment habayta .true i have a very strong character and i am a righteous person that why most the time i am offended ,i wish i could translate thiis into a team and a good work .My hope in this life is to open an orphanage ,help the poor and every one in need ,it could be a little support or whatsoever but i would love to help in all kinds of help ,and the history of ma dad was the same ,he has dedicated his life to help everyone around him ,i dont mind if all who read ma article can form one group (bas lezem nektar shway )alone ny myself i can do nothing esp i work very long hours and have a lot of duties to do in ma daily life ,ut ofcourse if i have people around be that would love to help tyr and the people of tyr then i guess we can change a lot believe me ...for all who area readin this (if u guys think that we can do somethin to tyr )and we can help its people let me know .....and i would help as much as possible ...thanx again didid

  65. Didi (من: Canada)

  66. Dear Dalia I'm glad you liked my suggestion, you know...the name "ACT" for a group is not bad ..."A" for All ..."C" for Change...and "T" for Tyre ..."All change Tyre" >>>ACT :) simple Now you need to think of a plan and your next writing should be about that plan...what do you want to do? How do you want to do it ? and what resources would you need? THEN you will have our support Us who are far , can help with our money and our thoughts We're waiting for your next article...Be Blessed

  67. Dalia basma (من: tyr)

  68. So now who ever is reading what didi wrote and would love to join ACT ,has to give suggestions for the change ,new plans and a program to follow ,we need members and also sponsors plus people who r ready to work just for the sake of tyr no more and no lesss ...... who ever agree with our plan pleaase email me dalia.basma@hotmail.com

  69. Fe3el Kheir (من: Tyr)

  70. begin by urself and repair things between u and ur friends

  71. Dalia basma (من: tyr)

  72. to fe3el 5eir ,i agree with u every persom should begin correcting things in his life and should have a good relation ship with his surroundings and friends .that is totally right ..in ma life i establish a great relation ship with ma family and people around me but if any person has something against any behavior i do ,i wish they approach me directly and tell me ,so that we can solve any problem no matter shu kenet ,do u agree with me or not ?

  73. محمد ابو علي (من: فرنسا)

  74. الشعب اللبناني حسيت.........بيتفاخر يكتب غربي..........وع التعليقات تمنيت..............شي تعليقه بالعربي...........

  75. batoul (من: london (sour))

  76. 3angad me3ak 7a2 ya m7amad abo 3alee ana kamen sarle se3a 3am fatesh w tmanet ta 7ata le2e she te3le2 bel 3arabe ma3 ene b7eb l english w shatra fee bas l 3arabe bedalo a7la hehe

  77. صباح (من: صور)

  78. انا مع ما قاله محمد ابوعلي ان كل التعليقات الواردة هي باللغة الانكليزية وللاسف ان هذه النزعة تتمحور حول ال materialistic matters الموجودة في المجتمع اللبناني . ام ان المستهدفين في الموقع هم فقط الذين يتكلمون الاجنبية!! شو بكن يا جماعة خلي بكون عنا شوية انتماء لأصلنا العربي لغة القرآن بيكفي تقليد للغرب وزرع هالنزعة بشبابنا واولادنا.. يعني الواحد ما عاد يقدر يعبر الا بالاجنبي؟او مابكون مثقف الا اذا حكي بالاجنبي؟ داليا موضوعها كتير اساسي بس اللغة المستخدمة بتوحي انو الموضوع بخاطب الشريحة اللي بتحكي اجنبي ويس!! الرجاء الانتباه الى اهمية الموضوع وشكرا

  79. mounira Belgium (من: Belgium)

  80. Dear Dalia Its so refreshing and hopefull to hear your words.I thank you..everytime i come over to Lebanon ,i leave with a sinking heart and a heavy soul..i find myself asking the same same questions time over time....faith isnt simply part of the outside ...faith is in our hearts and our actions...if we walking down the street dont stop to give a poor person some money or food...if we dont feed the animals prawling our streets if we dont care to keep our streets and oceans clean ...who will?If we do not have compassion for every single human being who is sick,poor,or homeless than who will..;Dont let anyone put you down..ever...even if your grammar isnt perfect (as banal and silly as that sounds)...your message is great ..for a people that has suffered so much your words hit home....sometimes one person can make a huge difference ...believe in yourself,;teach the young people around you to follow your path...good luck, Dalia,i hope to meet you soon..

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