Why & Let's ..... By Dalia Basma

I think I am writing today .My fingers are urging me to type the words which cross my heart .Is it true that pain makes us humans? Is it true that the agony makes us leaders? Is it true that we must pass through infinite tests and based on them people sort us as successful or not.
Who are we? Why we're here and what should we do? Is thinking of those questions is really critical? Is trying to find an answer is indispensable?
Is being accepted in a society or dejected should be a major priority of our concern?
What is true and what is untrue my friends?
Have we ever realized that our society overloads us with a lot of burdens, and invaluable duties?
Who are the one's that we are dedicating a major concern to?
Why our god today is Money and power?
Why our bodies are dedicated primarily to fulfill materialistic goals only .We use our bodies to have money and have a good sexual presentation in front a wide variety of people who are in my opinion bastards . Yes, they are.
You know why materialistic people are bad and empty, because they use us for only a certain period. When they are done, they get a better substitute .You can never trust them .Both them and time are never to be trusted.
Where are we going my friends?
We were created for a certain purpose and our major purpose is to fulfill god's goal on earth .God wants us to be fair ,loving and caring .He wants us to spread love and peace .He wants us to help share each other's goals and pains and try to find out the wanted solution for each others problems .
Instead of taking advantage of time and run out to help each others, we dedicate a priority for the daily gossip .A special time is dedicated to degrade people and to make fun of their pains .We wait to see them down, and when they are down we run to help them .We never help the needy, but we make huge festivals for the rich .As I told you my friends our God today is Money

Wake up my friends
A lot of people need our help .Many orphans would wish to have families. Many people would love some attention .A smile could change a person's life
Stop being greedy .Stop being selfish .let us be true humans. At least let us try. I am sure things will get better
Let us start with our country Sour. Let's change the despair into hope and love.
Let's plant trees next to each building .Let's visit the orphanages .Let's spend some time with a beloved patient .Let's keep family Bonds .Let's respect each others .Let's advice each others .Let's heal each others pains .Let's cooperate with one another.
I am sure we can make a difference

I have a big hope in you all.
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