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Spelling Bee Contest at Assiraj High School “Sadiqueen"

Mariam Balhass :: 2015-05-09 [01:44]::
Spelling Bee Contest was held on Wednesday, May 6 2015 at Assiraj High School “Sadiqueen" for cycles 1 and 2. Spelling Bee not only helps improve our students' spelling, but it also expands their vocabulary and strengthens their mastery in English Language. It also encourages our kids to encounter the audience with high self confidence. The participants were well prepared, and the competition launched with total excitement and eagerness, lead by the English coordinator Mr. Mohamad Hashmeih. At the end, certificates were handed to all the participants. As for the winners, they received gifts from the principal Hajji Samar Amacha and the General Principal Haj Abbas Abbas.

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